Spy Me

Feel like a Bondgirl dripped in golds. In the film, Jill Masterton is a paid spy, working for Auric Goldfinger. She appeared in the film for no more than five minutes, but her death in the film — she is painted head-to-toe in gold paint — remains one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

The Virgini dress is based on this very character, golden girl Jill Masterton. Equally Iconic as her source of inspiration.

Dress Virgini $320.00 USD


– 100 % Raw Silk
– Exquisite finishing touch
– Gold
– Draping on waist
– Knee length
– Invisible Zip
– Corset Bustier
– Dry Clean only

Available in sizes S – M – L- XL and plus sizes 1X- 2X- 3X in colour shown as in image or black. Plus size clothing pieces are slightly longer, and cost an extra $40. You will receive a separate Paypal invoice for the additional cost after purchasing your dress.

Each piece is handmade so please allow 2 weeks to create yours.
If you are in a rush – I do have pieces in my inventory, and can fit this into my production schedule.

Free Shipping!

Demet X


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