6 Facts about milk. Why I gave up dairy for once and for all.


1. Your mother’s breast milk can grow an 8-lb newborn into a 24-lb toddler; accommodating for a 300% weight gain in a 12-month period.
Cow’s milk can grow a 90-lb calf into a 2,000-lb cow over the course of 2 years; allowing calves to double their birth weight in 47 days
That is some fattening shit.

2. When the child is anywhere from 12-24 months old, a mother stops breast feeding. Her milk dries up. The child will never drink breast milk ever again.
Same with cows, they do not need to be milked -ever. Their udders, like women’s breasts, exist even when there is no milk in them.
We are the only species on the planet that drinks milk as adults. We are also the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another species. -How gross is that!?

3. The dairy industry is a multi-billion dollar industry,so they use the animal that produces the largest quantity of milk but is more easily housed than an elephant because it means more money for farmers.

4. It has nothing to do with health or nutrition. This is all just paid-marketing to make consumers buy their products!

5. For you vegetarians, when you consume dairy products- you are ingesting the same antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, and hormones you would if you ate meat directly.

Not convinced yet?

6. Cow’s udders supply about 10-lbs of milk a day
Greedy farmers inject cows with bovine growth hormone making them produce 100-lbs of milk a day!
And think about it, no gentle farmer is milking these cows with a bucket between their feet- Cows are milked by machine; metal clamps are attached to the cows’ sensitive udders. The udders become sore and infected; Pus forms. But the machines keep on milking, sucking the dead white blood cells into the milk.

Yah, and you drink & eat that shit.

Source: Skinny Bitch


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