10 Instant Mood Lifters

1 Breathe yourself happy

Yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson swears by a simple exercise that helps to balance your emotions. “Our breath is the bridge between body and mind and can help us shift whatever mood we are in,” Dodson says. Advertisement As la-di-hippy-da as it sounds, breath control improves relaxation, which can offer the time to shed some perspective on your frustrations. Dodson recommends drinking a glass of water before sitting cross-legged in a seat. Place your arms across your chest and lock hands under the armpits, with your palms open and against your body. Raise your shoulders slightly and lock elbows into the side of your body. Rest your chin against your throat and sit straight. Inhale and exhale, breathing slowly, naturally and deeply for three minutes. If you’re feeling particularly collected, extend to 11 minutes.

2 Blooming marvelous

Fill your environment with bright blooms. Psychologist and life coach Sarah Calleja says there’s something quite beautiful about bringing the outdoors inside. “Flowers help to make people feel alive and they lift our mood because they remind us of surviving and thriving. They bring positivity to the gloomiest of days,” she says. Choose bright, in-bloom sunflowers and orchids but leave roses for someone else to deliver to you rather than splurging on them yourself. Roses aren’t an ideal mood lifter because they are so “closed” and their bold colouring too stark.

3 Splash some colour and light

Some may call you loopy for sifting out the red M&Ms while everyone else munches on whatever they can get their hands on, but Calleja says some people get a genuine kick out of particular colours. “People go through stages in deciding their favourite colours and we’re all drawn to different ones at different times in our lives. In the most obvious case, wearing certain colours can really elevate your mood,” she says. Yellow can spark bliss while white makes a positive statement because it conveys empowerment and strength. Various shades of red can evoke feelings of love.

4 Pin up your dreams

Ever wonder why the young and chirpy teens of the world wallpaper their room with head shots of their beloved idols? Quick-fix escapism is a great way to lift your mood, whether you enjoy ogling pictures of Ryan Gosling or viewing snapshots of your friends and family to remind you that you’re deeply cared for. Calleja suggests tearing a few pages out of our travel section. “Stick your dream destination in a place where you can see it because pictures give powerful visual hints of what you can look like when you’re smiling,” she says.

5 Light a scented candle

The great thing about candles is that while they make a room smell divine, they’re also doing fabulous things to your emotions. Aromatherapist Mimi Anastas says the effects are, in fact, scientific. “The scent actually travels to the brain and through the nervous system so this is why your state of mind is changed,” she says. Opt for mandarin, orange and tangerine scents as they warm the body from the inside out and are said to bring out your inner child.

6 Tea for one

Anastas suggests sipping on tea to help lift your mood. She nominates chamomile and Earl Grey as the best choices. “They’re particularly good for people who are feeling anxious and although many people don’t like the taste of Earl Grey, it actually contains bergamot citrus, which is one of the greatest uplifters,” she says.

7 Wash your hands

Bizarre as it may sound, Calleja says washing your hands with warm water and soap has the ability to change your reality. Concentrate on the colours that come out in the soap bubbles because the act will bring you out of your mood and slow you down long enough to appreciate something else. “The process is a physical meditation where you’re forced to cast your mind on something besides your problems,” she says. “Plus, the act of careful, luxurious cleansing obviously washes remaining dirt away, which is very positive.”

8 Repeat after me

If you find yourself in a situation you know you’ll be desperate to wriggle out of, such as a confrontation with a manager or peer you can’t stand, Calleja recommends repeating positive mantras to yourself. “Introducing positive affirmations in moments of frustration reminds us of the good things about ourselves, reinforcing the fact you can make considered responses rather than acting out in anger. Plus, spontaneous acts of kindness make you feel as though you’re the bigger person, which is always a quick mood boost,” she says.

9 Spice up your life

Ginger, fennel, chilli and cinnamon are all believed to help warm a cold emotional state. Anastas says cinnamon is even thought to eliminate the urge to feel cold towards other people, therefore calming your own body and mind. “When you feel a certain way on the inside, like warmness, you usually tend to reflect that on the outer.”

10 Burning the (essential) oil

Find yourself an oil burner and get your noggin around the array of oils out there. Bergamot, in oil form, is ideal and if you’re after an overnight fix, try dabbing lavender on your pillow before you snooze as the scent is said to calm the body down. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/10-instant-mood-lifters-20090403-9mp1.html#ixzz2BiVqyNlv

Source: http://www.smh.com.au


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