Alice Perrers by Demet Karatas

Alice Perrers was a 15-year-old lady-in-waiting to Queen Philippa when she caught the eye of Edward III, then in his 50s. When Philippa died six years later, Edward began heaping favors upon Alice and giving her gifts.


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Nell Gwynn by Demet Karatas

Though Nell was illiterate and not a great beauty, her good temper and lack of pretension appealed to Londoners, who were in the mood for merriment after years of Puritan restrictions under Oliver Cromwell’s rule. More importantly to Charles, Nell had no interest in politics. Unlike his other mistresses, the down-to-earth Nell made him laugh and rarely asked for favors.



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Gabrielle d’Estrées by Demet Karatas

Of Henry IV of France’s 56 documented mistresses, the only one to whom he remained faithful was Gabrielle d’Estrées. Like Agnès Sorel, Gabrielle is best remembered for a famous painting, which now hangs in the Louvre, depicting Gabrielle nude in a bath with her sister.



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Black High Collar Nappa Leather Jacket – Nell Gwynn



Nell Gwynn by Demet Karatas

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Two Tone Suede & Leather Jacket – Agnès Sorel


The mistress collection / 2015 harnesses the remarkable characteristics of formidable mistresses throughout history.

Each garment has been designed to match the exclusive qualities of the chosen women, encapsulating their power and sensuality.

The collection comprises 10 garment designs; each design produced only 20 times creating a collection that is limited and exclusive.
All garments are numbered, making the items as unique as the mistresses they have been modelled on.

With a range of tailored and luxurious leathers, the mistress collection / 2015 caters foremost for the woman who forges her own path, enjoying an unconventional life. She is selective and ­takes preference of quality and luxury over mass production.

The garment, as much as it’s wearer – is truly unique.

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